FUSO Heavy Duty Trucks

Built for Maximum Profitability.


Heavy Duty Trucks

“TV”, specially designed to meet the local need for heavy payload, is the highest powered heavy-duty truck model in the FUSO product range. The TV 3340S Tractor with technical GCW of 65 tons is equipped with the OM457 – a new 6 Cylinder, 1...


Heavy Duty Trucks

The FV allows you to get tough jobs done with comfort and ease. Suited to both on and off road applications, the combination of 6x4 drive configuration and inter-axle diff lock provides greater traction and control. Discover more about ...


Heavy Duty Trucks

Powered for Efficiency: With ECU-controlled unitized fuel injection and a high boost turbocharger, fuel burns with maximum efficiency. The constant throttle valve engine brake prevents overrunning and cuts fuel supply when driving downhill, f...


Heavy Duty Trucks

The FJ shares the same technology for durability with FI. Its frame members are also shot-peened and powder-coated for greater surface strength and resistance to corrosion. Taller stacks of main and helper springs are also installed to its re...


Medium Duty Trucks

The FUSO FA is designed for maximum profitability. While the truck’s increased carrying capacity generates greater profits for your business, its lowered total cost of ownership also increases your margins. There’s also the advantage of reduc...


Medium Duty Trucks

Fuel-efficient common rail engine: the fuel-efficient, common rail, direct injection engine with four valves per cylinder is designed to deliver ample power and torque while lowering operating costs. Smooth, durable six-speed transmission:...

FUSO Canter

Light Duty Trucks

For your daily work in an urban environment, you need more than a light truck. You need a specialist. Or better: a whole specialist unit. A team that relieves you. In the hard work. And while driving. A team that takes you further. Even if it...



Lifetime value. Lower cost of operation is one important element. Another is long vehicle life, so the profits rolling in. So, besides being fuel-efficient, our trucks and buses require less frequent maintenance. Comfortable and easier to dri...

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