FUSO FJ Tipper

Delivering Profit for the Heavier Load

The FJ shares the same technology for durability with FI. Its frame members are also shot-peened and powder-coated for greater surface strength and resistance to corrosion. Taller stacks of main and helper springs are also installed to its rear suspension for increased load carrying capability.

For the interior, the FJ offers an air-conditioning system as standard, as well as a multi-adjustable air pressure driver’s seat, power windows, and central door locking system. Together with the tilt- and telescopic-adjustable steering wheel, the driver is allowed to choose the optimum driving position thereby reducing driver fatigue.

For the safety features, aside from thicker and wider brake linings, the FJ is also equipped with full-air brakes for a more reliable braking performance. It also has an Anti-lock Braking System that controls air brake pressure to prevent wheel lock-up due to sudden braking. Similar to the FI, for added safety, the FJ is installed with side view mirrors with additional convex-type proximity mirrors and under view mirror.

Projects Details
  • Lower operating cost, maximizes profitability.

  • Versatile, high-performance engines are more fuel-efficient.

  • Aerodynamic cab design saves fuel and reduces cabin noise.

  • Tough, durable chassis and suspension allow heavier loads.

  • Smooth-shifting transmission and intelligent instrument panel enhance drivability.

  • Safe, comfortable cabins with bunks and plenty of storage space.

  • Anti-roll bars for greater safety and stability.

  • Longer service intervals and service you can count on.

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