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Powered for Efficiency: With ECU-controlled unitized fuel injection and a high boost turbocharger, fuel burns with maximum efficiency. The constant throttle valve engine brake prevents overrunning and cuts fuel supply when driving downhill, further increasing mileage and reducing costs.

Smoother and More Durable: Double synchronizers smooth gear-shifting, while bigger gears and bigger clutch plate add torque and increase durability.

Strong, Rugged and Reliable: With thick (9mm), full depth (288mm) long members, this chassis adds the extra strength required for heavy loads. The frame is shot blasted and powder coated to add the durability required for reliable performance on rough roads.

With Feet Firmly on the Ground: Anti-roll bar in front is standard. It works with the wider wheel track to maintain stability when tall loads raise the center of gravity.

Bring on the Heavy Loads: Taller stacks, with more main and helper springs, increase the load carrying capability of the laminated, multi leaf rear suspension (Bogie suspension on rear axles for FZ 6×4).

All Performance, No Spin: Inter-wheel and inter-axle differential lock prevents one wheel spinning making driving easily in slushy or bogged down conditions.Inter-wheel and inter-axle differential lock standard on FZ 6×4. Inter-wheel differential lock standard on FZ 4X2.

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  • Intelligent instruments. Variable green band shows fuel-efficient zone.

  • Trucks ideal for long distance and heavy loads.

  • With high torque engines optimized for power and economy.

  • Smooth double-synchronizer transmissions with extra-large gears.

  • Parabolic suspension for cabin comfort, multi-leaf suspension for heavy loads.

  • Inter-wheel and inter-axle differential lock and front anti-roll bars.

  • Safe, comfortable, fully suspended, all-steel crash-proof cabins.

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